My thoughts on… Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Stephen King – truly the king of horror! I was initiated to the nightmarish imagination and flow of words brought about by this writer when I first read Night Shift. It scared me badly. That would seriously be an understatement. I checked his other books and watched some of his movie adaptations. One of his short stories: Jerusalem’s Lot really captivated my mind; So I went ahead and read Salem’s Lot, the King’s second published book.
Synopsis: Non required! Read the book! You won’t be let down. It’s about vampires taking over a small town named Jerusalem’s Lot which is named after a huge pig.
What I expected from the 566 pages of the eBook was how Count Dracula enters a small cute little town and turns it into chaos and blood thirsty monsters and a pure sad ending. What I didn’t expect was the fact that I would get scared enough to check behind me every 10 seconds while reading the book in the dark.
Mr.King describes every scene with such clarity that your imagination doesn’t have any chance to get muddled up with the details. Every scene in your mind is painted with ease and in perfection. Look at your window and you actually see Danny Glick looking in, with his horrific face, asking for your permission to enter your home. You scrunch up your nose when a particular scene talks about the decaying smells in the cellar.
All in all this book had me captivated for 3-4 complete days.


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