The Man behind the Curtain

One night, a friend and I chatted about some common topics. It could be considered as early morning in his time zone. He’s a friend from another time, actually a family friend, one who I met like 2-3 times in a year at birthday parties or church feasts, with whom my only communication was a fast grin and a swift Hi, who I have not met or seen (other than on his display pic) for a considerable number of years. Funny how that same person could one day become my late night confidante. It’s easy to confide totally in a person who knows you but not totally.
MAIN POINT: It’s easy to talk to the man behind the curtain. The curtain being the chatting medium.
But that point brings about a question. What if the curtain is lifted? Would our interaction be the same? Or would we be revolted by who we see in front of us? Would we become the people that we grudgingly discuss?
Maybe ignorance is indeed bliss.
Dedicated to Mr. Dude! 🙂
Title acquired from the name of a Lost Episode.


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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