Love is a drug

Note: This post is based on particular observations of my fellow Earthlings.
This probably happens alot. You like a person who seemingly likes you to the same degree. But, when you decide to have some guts and confess your feelings, you end up looking like a fool coz your “friend” was aiming at being just that: A friend. There are two main characters in this friend-zoning skit.
Character A: (innocent victim) The one who’s so in love.
Character B: (naive villain) The friendzoner.
There are cases where, B’s have been so perfect to their respective A, that even a bystander would sigh and smile thinking, “There, that’s called love.” (I have been one of those bystanders). Obviously, A will fall a little for B. How can A be mistaken? It’s so easy to fall in love and start expecting. But now A is stuck. A is in love with a person who doesn’t love A back. Atleast not in the way A wants to be loved.
I recently saw an episode of Mr. Robot in which the protagonist, Elliot is struggling with drug withdrawal. He’s lying on a bed and writhing in pain, having dreams and recollecting memories with his late mom. Whenever one of my friends who unfortunately ends up as Character A tells me their story, I imagine them struggling in the same manner. In pain with all their memories with their respective Character B. Trying their best to keep still and away from the drug (Character B) till the effects are all gone.
And then after a few weeks, time to move on to the next drug!
Ke$ha singing, “Your love, your love, your love, is my drug!”. 😁


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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