Un beau jour…

One fine day (urm… yesterday) my brother and I manage to pull our lazy behinds along with a bicycle (pour moi) and a skateboard (pour lui) to the Ajman Corniche. You know, the UAE way of glamorising the phrase “going to the beach” is to say “going to Corniche”. (What does Corniche even mean? Will have to Google that.) It is a combination of the beach for swimming, footpath for walking, a cycling path and loads of fast food restaurants to load up on those calories you just lost.
So we walk, cycle (moi) and skate (lui) all the way there, which takes about 5 minutes. We cycle/skate along the whole stretch of the beach, sit on a bench for a while when we realise the Christmas weekend has seriously put us out of shape (not me, I have been out of shape for some months now ;)).
At the end of the stretch I decide: Let’s try this long flat plank with wheels (skateboard) that my dear little brother is balancing on. So, there I am, the out of shape girl, with a bulky jacket adding to my bulkiness, standing on a flat plank which seems to be at the pinnacle of just creacckkk cracking apart. (Must have looked like a potato trying to balance on the flat end of a knife). 😂 Ok, not entirely true, I managed to balance, I wear high heels you know! My brother hovering around, maybe praying he doesn’t have to call dad to tell him how he managed to tempt me, his elder sister, to try one of the many things dad doesn’t approve of.
But, I came back to my senses and mentally berated myself, “Carol! There is no way in hell you gonna get your ankle sprained like Carsan! Or increase your scary look! Get off the damn board right this minute!”.
So, we cycle/skate back home. On the way, while I’m waiting for my dear little tired brother to reach the point that I happily cycled to, a Land Cruiser passes in front of me. Yeah! Yeah! My mistake! I always do that! I always end up in front of cars and then keep saying Sorry sorry sorry till they go away or stop staring angrily at me. So I start my endless Sorries, and the Emirati guy in the LC says something like, “Hallohowaryufaiinne” all in one breath, and I go, “Great! Just what i needed! I get cursed in Arabic”.  While pulling my cycle away I try to translate whatever he said into English. I know a little Arabic you know *proud feeling*. Surprise! surprise! I realise that whatever he said was in English! *facepalm*. He said, “Hello How are you? You fine ? “.
All I could do then was laugh it out and comment to my brother that translating their English takes as much time as translating their Arabic!😂😂 No offence to anyone. Just enjoyed that moment when I actually did a facepalm.😂
(Notice something? I’m practising my French ;))


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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