You have (1) message !

It can be that line or just a bubble over an icon which gets you all worked up coz maybe that person (“who matters the most”) messaged! Or it could just be someone spamming a group. Bleh! Anyway it certainly gives the best high you could get in a second! Like a small little perfect minor heart-attack. It also gently divides your group of friends; That friend who messaged you like 2 weeks back, from your bestie you were just chatting with some minutes back. Come on! It’s kinda obvious whose message it could be.
Its so easy to just completely rely on the messages to signify a friend’s loyalty and integrity. Like if a friend doesn’t message for some weeks, “Duh! Not friends anymore. Not in contact.” or if you are in contact with a person for like every single second of your day, everyday, “OMG! He’s my bestest best friend in the world! ❤ ” (even though you have not met that particular person ever). What’s more easier is how easily you can forget that one person you were like best best best friends (with the googly eyes) with just a few days ago. You just have to stop gossiping for more than 2 days and voila! A stranger.
Nowadays even a Psychology degree won’t get you anywhere when messaging. Unless, the person is sending you a smiley version of her actual expression. It’s so damn easy to hide your real thoughts using this medium. Like I could be really sad and lonely but a Hi 😀 or a Heyy 😀 will make me look like the happiest person in the whole universe. A 😥 will make me look like I’m crying, when I could actually be laughing my head off. You could totally hate a person; like totally scrunch up your face when you hear their name; but on chat you could be such a dear to them; like face to face it would be 😐 but on chat you could discuss everything ! And a simple no reply can mean so many different things, Like the person doesn’t care, or is just busy or so many things! Positive AND Negative!
There are these scenarios too which are so damn mainstream but still manage to hamper our friendships however much aware we are of them. Coz they just can’t be avoided! Like for example (using John Doe and Jane Doe 😉 ) John could really be missing Jane but doesn’t want to be a burden (or feels like he’s trying too much); so he waits for Jane to start a conversation when she feels like; Jane thinks John wants space, so doesn’t bother messaging; Then John starts thinking; maybe Jane moved on to some other closer friend. THE END! What is the solution to this problem? It seems to be happening in every corner right now. It’s so damn easy to move on now, and the fact that face-to-face talks are getting replaced by messages doesn’t seem to make the situation any better.
This whole instant messaging business, which I agree has its positive points, has really screwed what little communication people were having. So many friendships must have ended. So many hearts broken or maybe everything was meant to be this way?

ADVICE from me? Skype!!! Talk face to face as much as possible!!! Saves your brain the trouble trying to analyze every single message.

Save Brain Cells! Be Positive! Be Happy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “You have (1) message !

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