Movie Review – Mindhunters (2004)


Director: Renny Harlin
Starring: Christian Slater, LL Cool J, Val Kilmer, Catherine Morris, Jonny Lee Miller, Patricia Velásquez

The tag line explains it all! I had watched this movie once or twice before I guess but I couldn’t remember the ending. So, I went ahead and watched it again.

It’s about a group of FBI agents in training to be serial-killer hunters. So, they are put in fake situations to test their efficiency, thinking and general working. Now their sadistic trainer decides to send them to an island where he has set up a whole new scenario. The scenario is that there is a serial killer called the Puppeteer with them on the island. Their job is to find the clues and the killer. But what can they do when the serial killer, who is obsessed by time, actually starts targetting the trainees one by one? Who is the serial killer? The trainer or one of them?

So many questions! So many doubts!
As I said, I had watched this movie some time back. That didn’t stop me from reliving the horror and suspense during every minute of this movie.
Who is the killer?😱 Luke? Gabe? Jake? Nicky? Sarah?

Dedicated to…. Shweta! 😁 you know why;)


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