Role Models

Every stage in our life we have certain role models, who we look up to and admire. They may not even realise the amount of admiration you have for them. But, after some years you move on to new role models, keeping in mind the old ones though.

That moment of happiness and shock when you turn around and your school role model is waving at you!

Mom and dad pulled us “kids” along to some church event(totally crowded, coupons pushed into our faces, no respect for personal space, bump into everyone). Carsan points out my geography teacher and I look at her and see how much she hasn’t changed and with a little sadness realise that wouldn’t be any chance of her remembering me, the shy, quiet, introvert. We roam around a little and just when we are discussing a stall, there she is, the smart, independent, confident, cool lady who taught me geography in school, and she waves at me while walking past. Haha. All I could manage was a shocked smile! She remembers me! 8 years of teaching must have brought so many new faces in front of her. But, she still remembered me ! Later, after my shock wore off I found and talked with her. She was still the same. Amazing!

This totally unexpected meeting brought back memories of those rare and just perfect teachers who helped me throughout my learning days. Those small encouragements, those happy laughs when a milestone is accomplished , those grins accompanying our mischief, the joy in their eyes when greeted in the corridors, the happy amazement when all answers are answered correctly.
Nothing can replace a good Teacher. Proud to have so many to look up to and admire and equally proud to be a part of so many institutions with amazing mentors.
This post is dedicated to Winnie ma’am. 🙂


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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