Movie Review – Manhattan Romance (2015)

Browsing through some movie trailers on YouTube, I found this particular movie interesting for its non glamour story and cast. 

The movie is about Danny who is filming a documentary on the relationships of the people he meets around Manhattan. It also showcases his confusing love life with Theresa, a lady who keeps talking about good and bad energies, gives long hugs and enjoys uncomfortablely long eye to eye contact. He is best friends with Carla who is in a relationship with her apparently selfish girlfriend, Emmy.
The movie shows how Danny realises he has feelings for Carla; and how he tries to  understand his feeling for Theresa.

What I liked most about this movie, though it seems to not have a great rating, is that it portrays that friendships, relationships and the whole shebang can really work together.

Amazing movie, slow though, but cute.


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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