Mission: Finding Mr. Perfect

Since we were kids, we have had crushes, we fell in love, we blushed and giggled with embarrassment/joy when teased with a particular guy. 😉

But, then comes a time, when you start getting self-aware. You suddenly have those 5 minutes of clarity when you scrutinize every aspect of the person who you are crushing on (currently). Why would the guy even bother liking me? Should I even bother liking him? Cultures different/totally different cliques/different tastes, what are the odds that we could ever be compatible?

I have these utterly crazy, mad, ever-so-close besties who try their luck at finding my potential Mr. Right. So, they’ll be like, “Hey, That guy is soooo good! He’s soooo sweet! His voice is to die for! He’s so soft spoken! He’s tall! And come on! He’s not particularly bad looking! 😉 You and he would be great together!”. The next second I start dreaming, hmmmm ❤ Damn u besties! 😛 But then I start the scrutinizing, mentally striking out the points in my list. So, I end up with, “Uhhh, No Thank you! Not my guy 😛 ” 😀

So, I continue my ritual of mentally rejecting every single guy, perfect or totally out-of-reach guy. Sometimes, I seriously wonder if I would end up being a sad old maiden lady. Lonely Forever. Not that my parents would allow it. 😛

I remember when I was in college, a relative asked me, “Do you have a boyfriend?”. She then ended up giving me a long, long lecture on why falling in love early is a very good idea. Dang! Should have listened to her!

Hehe, moral of the story should probably be: “Don’t overthink, Just do it!”. 😛


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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