The “me” now

Changes in a person can happen drastically and in a good way, once that person has gained some self-esteem or pride in one-self.
One of my most recent gossip sessions with my brother, Carchu ended up with him asking me a question that I too didn’t have a worthy answer for. He started with “I can’t believe you are so friendly now. You have changed a lot”. His question was “Why were you not this way in school and college?”. My own brother thought I was a strange person when I was younger.
I once mentioned to a friend that I wasn’t good at making friends. He had a shocked expression for a few seconds then started joking around saying that it was bullshit! If only he knew !
One of my previous posts was on change (Change is good?).
I have had my fair share of changes in myself. From being the quiet introvert who didn’t have anything interesting to do or say, to the introvert I am now.
From being stuck at home all day long just sitting around doing nothing to being so busy that it’s almost equivalent to not being at home at all ! 😁
All thanks goes to my move to Goa. I have experienced some of my most memorable memories here. Met some amazing people, who have been just amazing to me.
Sometimes being comfortable, wanted and useful also helps in bringing out a whole different you.


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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