Bumpy Rides to Pune

My first long bus ride was to Pune; I had heard it was tiring; had heard it took around 10 hours for the entire journey; but none of all that info actually prepared me for the actual ride.

I have that stupid, “Never say Never” attitude to new things. I go to try out new things like a warrior; “Grrr !! Give me all you got ! “, but at the end I leave purring like a scared little kitten and promise myself never to try it again. 😜

My first bus ride to Pune was in an A/C sleeper bus. Sleeper buses are like normal buses; but instead of seats there are single and double beds arranged on both sides of the aisle. My bestie, Shweta and I were assigned a double bed. That ride ended well, though I was constantly petrified whether I would be a victim of motion sickness.

Travelling alone in a sleeper bus was a new experience too for me. But, I handled them well; dozing, watching the scenes passing by; messaging friends to discuss some random thing; giving my location updates to those worried friends.

Then comes the ride by the… wait for it… Semi Sleeper bus !! A semi sleeper bus is a normal bus but the seats are like the ones on flights; the ones that can be reclined and which are apparently comfortable to sleep in. You should see how I sleep in flights 🙈and that’s only for about 3 hours.
One of my close friends was ready to accompany me to Pune from Goa so I thought why not try the semi sleeper bus? If it went bad, I could just blame him or worst case thrash him. 😁

It was seriously a struggle to sleep; to actually get settled comfortably in a proper position on the seat. I kept slipping downwards on the seat which resulted in me sleeping in an embryo pose. I pretty much went half-Hulk when I realised that the lever for my foot rest was no more ! But it didn’t result in anything but inconvenience.

Currently I have promised myself that taking a semi-sleeper bus is a total no-no unless I have no other choice.

So, right now… you are forever my first choice Sleeper buses !!! 😴 ❤
Cheers to many more bus rides to and from Pune!! And many more new experiences !😁


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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