My thoughts on… Fangirl and Eleanor & Park

I know ! I know I am a 23 year old adult ! I know I am supposed to read mature adult books ! Books about mature love, about serious matters ! Books that aren’t fantasy !

But how could I say no to the sweet, romantic stories that Rainbow Rowell so skillfully crafted ?

So far, I have read 2 novels written by Rowell and I am totally taken by the love, the way the story is spun, the different characters !

1. Fan Girl
It talks about a pair of twins, Cath and Wren and how they handle life at college for the first time. Their friendships, relationships and impact on their father at home.
Guess how the twins got their names. 😁
I can’t really recollect when and how I came to know about this book but when I did I kept bugging my bestie, that I needed to read this book ! By hook or by crook !
Levi !! Oh My God !! Why didn’t God take more time to create more of Levis? Not the jeans mind u !
What would it take to get a guy with the qualities of Levi ? What ?
All I can say is Cath is one lucky girl ! 🙂
Though the love story between Levi and Cath had me awake till 3 in the morning, there were some boring and seemingly uninteresting parts which I promptly skipped. The stories of Magicath and the life of Wren… boring !! Love story between Levi and Cath…. ❤

2. Eleanor & Park
A damsel in distress, Eleanor is saved by her knight, Park and this is their story; their love story.
I have been repeating a statement from the time I started reading this book.
"This is the most romantic book I have ever read in my life"
I was blushing along with the characters.
I was sad along with them.
I was in tears at the loss of love in my own life while I was reading this sweet, sweet book.
I just wish that some day i too would get to experience atleast half the love that was felt between Eleanor and Park. And they are just 16 for crying out loud !

Rainbow Rowell has impressed me a lot with the way she has spun these stories.

Can’t wait to read Attachments and Land line !!:)


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on… Fangirl and Eleanor & Park

  1. no judgements! you can read whatever you want no matter how old you are. I think id still be reading HP series even though im 80. HAHA i adore Rainbow Rowell too and like you I’ve read fangirl and eleanor&park and i looooove it so much!

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