Time to move on…

People move on, people change;
When people can forget when I am right here;
Should I expect them to remember me when I am not around ?
I think my biggest fear is to be forgotten;
Or maybe it is not to be WANTED anymore.
I like being needed, to know that there is some purpose for me being around.
I hate being idle, it totally messes up with my mind.
What do I do when no one comes to me with problems, no questions, nothing to share with me ?
What do I do if I don’t find the same kind of mad friends wherever I am destined to ?
Who will be there to hold me when I cry my loudest ?
Who will be there to discuss books with me?
Who will be there to sing along with me during car drives?
Who will be there to watch horror movies with me?
Who will be there to ask the most uncommon questions possible ?
Who will always be ready for a cup of tea ?
Who to irritate by calling the most weird names that only the person in point understands ?
Who will provide reviews of food joints even though no one asked ?
But my biggest worry is if I do continue to stay here and all my closest friends move on without me… would the heartache be worth it ?


2 thoughts on “Time to move on…

    1. Hey ‘u know me’, we all have to move on one day or the other… If you are one of those I mentioned in this post… you will know when I move on 🙂 if you are not, you will still know…. but a little later 😛


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