Review: Chef Fernando’s Nostalgia, Raia, Goa

What better to do on Valentine’s day than an outing with the girlfriends 😀 At that point, we were all single (Mummy if you are reading this: I was never committed 😛 Don’t worry) and had no other plan so, we thought, “Let’s go out !”, “Enjoy ourselves !!”, “Better than moping around at home”, “Valentine’s day is NOT only for couples !! It’s for friends toooo !! 😀 ❤ “.

We were always planning to go to Nostalgia for a very long time (or maybe I was the one forcing 😀 ), and it was my last Saturday to hog on chicken, so we went for lunch there.

20150214_144950                                                             20150214_150824


From the time we entered the parking area, to the inside of the restaurant, we knew that we entered a really wow place ! Outside there were all these caricatures of Goan traditions and ways. The four of us  were pointing around in awe and laughing at most of them. 😀 The inside of the restaurant had minimal lighting but it was comfortable 🙂


It was Valentines day, so there were a good amount of families and couples in the restaurant (though my friend had commented that there would not be much customers as most couples celebrate V day in the evening 😛 ). Though there were lots of customers, the service was pretty much good.


 I didn’t really pay any attention to the music. There was no live music. Disappointing ?


20150214_134111The menu was a unique looking one, and the options were lots. But, we were decided on Chicken Cafreal so, we directly ordered that for the main course. All Authentic Goan dishes with their names written in Konkani on the menu (with English subtitles).

The Food

I guess we could have ordered anything and it would have tasted wow ! Authentic Goan dishes ! 😛

Drinks: Cranberry juice 🙂

Starters: Shellfish rava fry, Veg Crouquets (The crouquets were just yum ! That coming from me ( a pure non-veg) is a shock ! 😀

Main course (non-veg): Chicken Cafreal and Pau; (yummmm)

Main course (veg): Bhendyachi codi (Ladyfinger curry) and plain rice (yummmm )

The main course was sooo damn yum !! My mouth is watering just thinking about those dishes. 😛 I actually enjoyed the veg dishes which happens like once in a year for me. That I liked anything that a vegan would like.

Would I Go Again?

P.S. This was actually my second time at Nostalgia. I had already been here once with family and friends. The memory of the food that day had me pestering my friends. It’s a really nice place for a private lunch/dinner.

And, YES I would go again…

Hmmm… is there any restaurant I wouldn’t go to again ?? 😛


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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