Advice from the Inexperienced

DISCLAIMER: No offense to any of my guy friends 😛

There are those guy friends who share ALL their girl problems:

  • about seeing their dream girl everyday;
  • about trying to ask her number;
  • about flirting with her;
  • about all the jokes that were cracked;
  • about trying to understanding whether she returns his feelings;
  • about asking her out;
  • about getting rejected;
  • about chickening out at the last moment;
  • about having to talk to her as a friend when they want so much more;
  • about dreaming of the day she says “yes”;
  • about how she “apparently” wants to be more than friends;
  • about finding a new dream girl and the cycle continues;
  • about remembering the old dream girl.

Sometimes I feel like a live, breathing diary where these guys note down all their different experiences and I kinda have a need to remember all these details, so that next time he mentions it, I don’t have a blank face.

My got-to advice to all these guys is:

  • “Hey, maybe she likes you too”;
  • “Hey, maybe you should ask her out”;
  • “Take it slow, chat first, then ask her out”;
  • “Don’t ask her out just when you talk for the first time !”;
  • “You are a good/nice/sweet guy, she’ll like you !!”;
  • “Hey, maybe she was joking when she said NO to you”;
  • “Try talking to her, if she feels awkward, then back out !!”;
  • “Tell her how you feel” ;
  • “You’ll get another girl baba, Chill !!”

Now, I know this as a fact, “My advice is the worst !!” 😛 And some friends have made that clear to me, that it is worthless (Though one friend called it, “tempting” 😛 ). Who am I kidding ? I just give advice coz it’s expected from me. I don’t actually know if it works !! I advice things that I hope I would like a guy who likes me to implement for me. 😉


P.S. To all my guy friends: Though I am FED UP with your whining, I wish you get the girl of your dreams and live happily and in love with her forever. 🙂 ❤


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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