Verified – Yes, I am Absent-Minded

DISCLAIMER: All following incidents took place in Goa, India. All parties involved were happy after the settlements (even the roundabout πŸ˜› )

I have been told (ordered) to write this post by my friend. You know who you are ! πŸ˜›

This is a small account of all my mishaps on the road


Place: Near KTC, Margao
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? I totally enjoyed scrapping the paint off the roundabout near KTC, Margao.
My Reaction: At first, I was caught unawares by the loud screeching sound coming from the right side of the car. Then after a few seconds of, “what is that sound?”, I realized that I was happily scrapping off the paint off the roundabout while denting my car.

pope-clipart-twoPlace: Benaulim
How many Wheels? 2 wheels
What did I hit? Actually… This is something for which I will defend myself for all my life ! A lady was riding her bicycle and she started crossing the road. She turned into my lane without even a glance whether someone was there behind. It was NOT my mistake ! I applied my brakes as much as I could and I saved myself and my granny who was riding pillion from falling.
My Reaction: My first reaction after I hit her bicycle was to control my own bike. Then to ask my granny if she was fine coz it looked like the lady’s bicycle had scratched itself on my bike. My granny was complaining about the cycle hitting her leg.
But, OMG you should have been there to see the lady crying and holding her hand and her cycle as if it was all my mistake. She accused me of purposely hitting her. Am I crazy ? To purposely torment my mind with someone else’s injury ? Stupid Lady ! Whom I ended up paying Rs.200 coz apparently I broke her bike brakes.

pope-clipart-3Place: Near GVN, Margao
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? I scratched a stationary car. Nothing much happened to my car, but the victim car got a bad gash.
My Reaction: The minute I scratched it, the owner (who all along was sitting in the car) came running out and started jumping and shouting, “My Car ! You scratched my car !”. As if I needed to be told that ! Then she started calling her friends/relatives/someone, who appeared magically in another car within minutes. I was literally feeling intimidated. I was standing alone there with all these people and they were looking at me and whispering to the girl, “Now, what will you tell your mom.”. Ahhhh !! Why do they have to make me feel guilty !! I just scratched it ! I then took my car to my granny who was waiting for me. I parked my car there and went with these friendly strangers (I strangely felt comfortable around them) in their car. They then took me to a garage, where the mechanic told us that it would cost Rs. 1000 to fix the gash. I let out a sigh ! That was a relief ! Then the friendly people reached me back to where I parked my car and I never saw them again. End of Story πŸ˜›Β  Really friendly people though… Thank you friendly people ! for fixing a problem within half an hour ! πŸ™‚
pope-clipart-4Place: Benaulim
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? My right side mirror hit the right side mirror of another car.
My Reaction: The minute the mishap took place, my mirror came out of its cover and was lying on the road. I parked my car and went to get it back. The car that hit me was waiting some distance away, but I just ignored them. No need to start a fight on New Year Day. That was the first time I saw the mechanism behind the side view mirrors, so I was staring at it pretty hard. A kind man came up and fixed it for me. Thank you stranger !
pope-clipart-5Place: Zuari Bridge, Agassaim
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? I didn’t hit anything !! I was pretty much sure that something was going to happen that day, on that bridge so I was extra slow, I was hitting the brakes slowly and was extra cautious ! Some dumb guy comes up behind fast and bangs my car smack in the center of my car bumper ! Talk about being cautious !
My Reaction: I was with my aunt and granny. At first, I was genuinely shocked that the thing that I was scared would happen, happened ! I got out and walked to this guy who was pretty much shaken. A stranger also stopped to help. The stranger was consoling the guy who banged my car (a.k.a. TC). TC was asking for water and looked totally scared. When he did come to his senses, he told us that he would pay for all the damage. When we asked him where he resided, he asked me, “You know Tiger? I am Tiger’s son.” I was awe-struck ! This guy expects me to know someone called Tiger from a village next to mine, when I didn’t know half the people in my own village. He then proceeded to take us to a garage where he told me to tell all the things wrong with the car and that he would bear all the expenses. My aunt and I were amused by this. Haha ! Who was this guy ? Good one TC !! And thank you stranger who stopped to help ! πŸ™‚

pope-clipart-6Place: Near Ford Showroom, Verna
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? My car was hit by a bus on the left side back corner.
My Reaction: Yes, I agree this was totally my mistake. I was being brash that morning by crossing a busy road even though I was practically blind to see who/what was coming at me from the other side.

The minute I saw the bus coming at me, I accelerated at full speed, but alas ! The bus caught me at my back corner. As a result, my car took a 90 degree drift. It took me a while to realize what had just happened and when I did get out of the car, I was in full shiver mode. This was my first major road accident ! The first one in which I could have actually lost my life. I think about that day a lot. What if I had got paralyzed by fear, seeing the bus coming at me, and stopped ? What if I had just kept the engine of my car in the bus’s path ?

After the accident, a childhood friend of mine, who worked nearby, came and stood by my side the whole time giving me support. I don’t think I would have been able to handle being alone at that time. Then, some generous colleagues, who didn’t even know me before that, assisted me. A particular friend called the car company to come and fix my tire, my hind left tire was totally punctured. He came with me to the car company and helped me in keeping the car for repairs. Thanks Dinesh ! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› Sometimes strangers can turn out to be really good friends ! Best example !
I have to say this, that day is one day, that reminded me that whatever bad is in this world, there is GOOD too !

Thanks to Jevisco, Dominic, Joalita and Raoul too !

pope-clipart-7Place: Benaulim
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? I hit the right side mirror of a bike.
My Reaction: The guy who was riding the bike was totally begging me for forgiveness after I got out of the car. I myself was lost in thought or in my cell when it happened, so I couldn’t really blame him. It’s fine Velington !

pope-clipart-8Place: Near IFB, Verna
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? I hit a bike
My Reaction: I was entering the main road. I had seen a bike which was in front of me, drive off to the side, so I was only paying attention to the traffic on the main road. But, I didn’t realize that the bike, had moved right in front of my car so when I accelerated to enter the main road, I hit the bike. Thank God nothing happened !

pope-clipart-9Place: Near Mungul Bridge, Margao
How many Wheels? 4 Wheels
What did I hit? I hit a bus with my left side side mirror, while overtaking a bus.
My Reaction: The minute I hit the bus, the mirror felt out. I parked the car some distance away and walked back to where the mirror had fallen. I then waited for the traffic to get less to collect the mirror while silently catching my breath, every time a car or bike was passing over it. But seeing a bus coming up next was the last straw ! I ran up to the mirror before the bus could reach it and ran back to the car. The bus stopped for me. Yes, I take brash decisions.

Till now only 9 but…………………….. many more to come. πŸ˜›


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  1. Hola! I’ve been following your site for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the good work!


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