Review: Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavelossim, Goa

This is one restaurant that can totally soothe your nerves and make you jump up and down like a kid shouting, “Look at that fish !!! ” or “Look at that Eagle !!!”. I did just that 😛 #madMe

I had first heard about this place when some of my college friends would tag themselves in this restaurant on FB. It was like 20 mins from my home and I didn’t see the place and people from miles away had already enjoyed it ! That got me a little flustered ! So, the next time my family planned a dinner together, I suggested Fisherman’s Wharf. I don’t really remember the first time I was there coz I was down with fever but I somehow managed to sit there and gobble food. 😛

The second time I went there was with my bestie, Shweta. It was a mind-soothing and peaceful time. And not forgetting… a yummy time !! 😛


I was totally wooed by their ambiance ! I have been to Fisherman’s Wharf at night and day time now. I must say, I had a nice time both times ! 🙂 I love the open balcony facing the river !! ❤ I had to just lean across the railing to peep out at the little fishes swimming around.


I think I always end up at restaurants when there is least business ! We were the only ones at Fisherman’s Wharf, both times I went there ! Something’s fishy !! 😛

The waiter’s there didn’t have any other work other than serving us. So yeah, the service was good. But I have to mention, the minute another party entered the restaurant, our waiter just disappeared ! And the ones that were just loitering around in plain sight some time ago, just vanished !


Music ? Well, there wasn’t anything special about the music at the time that I went there. But, Enrique’s vocals can always brighten my day any day !


Menu was good ! There was a lot to choose from ! Lots of new dishes that I had never tried before. Like the Mixed Fried noodles that had strips of pork and beef with vegetables ! Hmmm….. I’ll be trying it the next time 😀

The Food

I am at a loss when I try to recollect what I had at Fisherman’s the first time I had been there.

The second time, we ordered:

Drinks: Cranberry/Mango juice (They didn’t have a stock of my favorite Maaza/Frooti/Slice !!  :'(  )

Starters: Vegetable Spring rolls

Mains: Mixed Vegetable Noodles

Dessert: Tiramisu (Yummmmm !!!)

Tiramisu !!!! Yum !! Though I kinda felt a layer tasted like Boost(A high protein drink mix that my mom mixed into my milk when I was a kid)

Yes, we tend to eat light. It never fails to amaze me every time a person goes for a second helping when I can’t even finish off my first helping. You would find me with my mouth wide open saying, “Whaaat ? You going for more ??!!!” :O :O

Would I Go Again?

Yessssssss, I would go any day !! I have many new dishes to try !! Many new fishies to point at !!

I would love to go again to click some pictures of the view !!


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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