A January Birthday ! :)

My favorite ❤ cousin’s birthday was some days back. Normally, I rack my brain to think of a suitable gift for her.

But, this year I put my new found love for quilling and making cards to some use and made her a small, cute little card. I  had actually started with a Z-fold card but then it looked too standard.

I had to do something ! Make it a little different !

So, I cut out opposing (curved) halves of each of the outer folds and I ended up with two wing-like folds. Then I thought, why not just give a wing feel to the folds ? So, I cut out the feathers into the folds and that’s how the card ended up looking like it did ! 😀

Joalita's Card - Front
Joalita’s Card – Front
Joalita's Card - Front half
Joalita’s Card – Front half

For the middle fold of the Z-fold, I added a Quilled cake. I put in all the colors that I could find, to make it look fun and vibrant. Though one friend mistook it for a rabbit, most people understood it was a cake. 😀

Joalita's Card - Quilled Cake
Joalita’s Card – Quilled Cake

The cake opens up and I wrote a sweet and simple message under it.

A perfect end to a cute, little card ! 🙂 ❤

Joalita's Card - Inside
Joalita’s Card – Inside

The end product looked good

Another birthday’s coming up !! 😀 Another card in the making !! 😀 ❤


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