Why is life so complicated ? Why do we have so many lucrative options to choose from ? Why can’t there be just one fixed option that one can concentrate on ? Why do we depend on people who have no interest whatsoever in us ? Why do we pamper people who don’t know how to respect us ?

Why can’t life be a straight line? a simple series of steps?

Step 1: Study a particular course.

This is one big hassle in life ! I spent a good amount of time, to decide on this. Actually mine was pretty straight forward, I was one of the best at coding in school so some course in coding would be the best for me. Medicine was a big No No coz I have a tendency to be giddy when I see blood. Architecture was again a No, I hate history ! and likewise other career options were discarded. One wrong choice and you are stuck with it forever ! But, sometimes having the wrong set of qualifications also help coz u tend to know a wide range of things.

Step 2: Find a good job

Oh wow ! That’s the easy part right ? It should be so damn easy!! But No !!! Companies are reluctant to hire coz you are a fresher and thus you don’t get experience ! What a dumb cycle ?!

Okay, you got your dream job ! But now you are getting an offer at a better place with better pay. Leave or not ? Leave? not the company but all the friendly faces that have come to know you for who you are. The faces that will cry when I do leave. The faces that kept me happy on my baddest days.

The people at home, who are there at the end of every day, waiting early for me to come home. People who will miss my presence around.

Step 3: Find your dream guy

Why can’t we just go strolling one fine day to some garden and meet our dream guy there ? Why can’t we just connect with some guy and say, “Heyyyy, you are the one I have been waiting for all my life !!!”. There are some couples who have it so easy ! Why do the rest of us have to wait for our luck to turn in our favor ?

Step 3: Get retired and enjoy using your salary or with your kids 

Simple steps ! But, none that can be followed ! coz every step has a sub-step, so many decisions to be made ! so many mistakes made as a consequence.

Life is a Complicated story !


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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