State Level Loser

Category 1: People who are exceptional at a particular thing.

Category 2: People who excel at a number of things.

I have friends who fit into these categories.They get numerous accolades, awards, praises and make us proud that we are friends with them. We get comments like, “Your friend is soo talented !!”. We are soo proud of our friends.

Then there’s Category 3: People who don’t excel in anything, not even the simplest thing.

We are the average people. With mediocre capabilities, mediocre expectations and mediocre results.

Yes, being a friend of someone who’s talented gives happiness but there is always that small, small little sadness knowing you will never get any praise for anything. No one will notice anything that you do. No one will know that you tried. No one will remember you for something that you did. You are just a forgettable instance.

We play games coz we know how to play, not coz we are good at them. We dance in group dances coz we are not great dancers to dance solo. We work in places that don’t really interest us, coz nothing else seems to be interesting. We are cut out of conversations coz what we talk isn’t interesting. We are the last people to be called or picked for anything.

Recently, my friends and I were talking about a girl who was a State Champion in Shotput. We both then went silent and were like, ‘What are we State Champs in ?‘. My tag for myself was “State Level Loser“. 😀 It was a joke at that time but now that I think about it, it seems a little serious.

Will anyone remember me, when I’m gone? I have not won many accolades. I don’t have anything that I can say, ‘Yes, I’m good at this‘. For every single thing, I am, “Okay at it“. No one will look at me and say, ‘Carol, is good at this‘.

Why is life so unfair ?


6 thoughts on “State Level Loser

  1. I’ll have to disagree with u dear…. because right here on this blog there are many instances of ur talent…. so also I know many people who tell me that my friend Carol is super talented 🙂
    And I’m super proud of u 🙂

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