Wrath of the Aunts

Disclaimer: No offense intended to anyone.

I have been brought up to call any married lady, Aunt (in respect).

Scene 1:

I park my car at a friends place, and I make sure there’s enough place for any car to pass from behind my car. When we come back, there is a lady standing next to my car. I keep staring at my car, and she guesses that its my car. That’s when she starts unleashes her wrath !!!! 😛

Aunt (sweetly): Hi tughe gaadi ? ( Is this your car ?)

Me: Voi (Yes)

Aunt (suddenly very angry): This is where you park your car? This here is my residence (pointing at her flat). You know how much trouble I had to remove my car?

Me (in no mood to argue): You couldn’t remove your car? I’m very sorry…

Aunt (not wanting to listen): Yes, I couldn’t remove my car. I had soo much trouble to remove it !!!

Me (tired): Hmmm, I’m very sorry. I’ll not do it next time.

Aunt: What sorry ? Next time don’t you dare do this again. Park your car anywhere but not here. I don’t care where !! Just don’t park it here.

Me: Ok, I’m sorry

Scene 2:

My dad’s sister had come to visit me on Sunday. In the evening, I went to reach her at the bus station so she could go home. I dropped her and while I was leaving.

A lady is walking to the left of my car and a bike is coming dangerously close to the right hand side of my car. I was at a very slow speed, just crawling, waiting for a chance to enter the traffic.

Yes, I agree it’s my mistake. By mistake, the side-view mirror of my car hit a lady’s arm.

Aunt: You don’t have any estimation ???!!!!

Me: Sorry Aunty, I’m very sorry.

Aunt: If you don’t know how to drive, why are you driving ??!!!!

Me: Sorry ghe.

Aunt: What are you saying sorry ? Saying sorry doesn’t forgive your mistake !!

Me: Okay Aunty, Sorry……………………. and I quietly drive off.

These two incidents happened on consecutive days. There is seriously something wrong with me, or my luck is turning bad, or Aunts have something against me. 😦

But, It made me wonder, is there no value for a “Sorry” nowadays ? If a person is accepting that it was his/her mistake, shouldn’t it be accepted ?

I have encountered many instances, where a person never accepts their mistake, even though the fact that they are wrong, is right in front of their face.

Yeah, I tend to overuse the word, but when it is my mistake, I always agree that it was my mistake, and apologize. Shouldn’t that be counted ?


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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