New Saint: St. Joseph Vaz

I would like to dedicate a post today to a new Saint, St. Joseph Vaz.

St. Joseph Vaz, son of Goa, a.k.a. Sant Zuze Vaz (in Konkani) has finally got his position among the other Saints. His canonization took place today in Colombo, Sri Lanka at 9 a.m. Indian time. All churches in Goa were told to ring their bells at sharp 9 a.m. Though he was canonized in Sri Lanka, the excitement among the Goans was made clear by the number of firecrackers being burst. A really blessed day today ! 🙂

I am a Banalkar, a resident of Benaulim, a small village in Goa, which is the birthplace of St. Joseph. Every time I pass his mother’s house in Benaulim, which has a shrine near it in memory of him, a good feeling comes over me. A feeling that you get when you know that you can talk to, pray to someone who grew up, though a long time back, so close to you. Knowing that someone, from such humble backgrounds could make so much of a difference in many people’s lives.

He traveled all the way to Sri Lanka, away from his family, away from people he was comfortable with, to help those who needed him. The Catholics in Sri Lanka needed someone to look up to, and he came to their aid.

We can only pray, that we attain half of the love, the trust in God, the courage that St. Joseph had to make a difference to people in his land, and in another land too.

Some reading material about St Joseph Vaz:

Proud to be a Goan, as always ! 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Saint: St. Joseph Vaz

  1. He is the Indian born catholic priest clergyman preacher and missionary patron saint of Sri Lanka canonized by Pope Francis in 2014 named Saint Joseph Vaz of Sri Lanka/Ceylon. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne


  2. He is the Indian born catholic priest/clergyman preacher/lay minister and missionary also known as”Saint Patrick of Sri Lanka by the Roman Catholic Church was canonized by Pope Francis since 2014 as the blessed patron saint of Ceylon/Sri Lanka of the Christian world. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

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