Movie Review: Interstellar (2014)

I first heard about this movie when a popular radio station in Goa, announced that they would be giving out it’s movie tickets in a competition. Then, I started seeing some of my friends on FB going crazy about the movie. So obviously, I took it for granted that its a great movie.

I got a chance to watch it online this holiday season even though after viewing it’s trailer, I was kind of prepared to be bored by it.

But 169 minutes of science fiction is way too much for my liking: there was way too much dialogue and less action. The plot was the saving grace of this movie though, at least in my eyes.

I don’t mean to offend any Interstellar fans, but I was literally on the verge of crying by the time it finished. It was way too long and it didn’t capture my attention and had me distracted from the start. I pity those who watched it in the theaters. I would have dozed off, or just walked out or would have been distracting my friends. At home, I had the advantage of forwarding certain dragged scenes, even then I was largely bored by it.

From the introduction, to Matthew’s character finding the NASA base, to him traveling to the other galaxy through the wormhole, to the group landing on the first planet, then leaving, then landing on the second planet, then a small little fight. By the time the ending part started I was literally asking myself, “Why are you putting yourself through with this ?”. The same questions were repeated to me by my Mom and brother, who saw me staring emotionless at the screen. 😛

Maybe it is the fact that I don’t generally prefer watching science fiction movies, but I got out of Gravity just fine. Is it okay to compare Gravity and Interstellar ?

I would rate Interstellar a 2.5/5. For plot though, a 3.5/5. I still don’t get the craze about the movie. :S


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