Illusion of Happiness

We live everyday wishing for a happier tomorrow. When a happy day does come, it goes past soo fast, we can’t help but wonder, were we really happy? or was it just an illusion? We think if do certain changes in our life, we could be more happier than we currently are. But, what guarantee is there that we won’t get frustrated with that “Happy” scenario too and then wish for something else?

Is happiness all just an illusion? to keep us going? to keep us from just letting go? something that we keep trying to grab at, but always out of our reach?

We make friends with whom we exchange jokes, we have fun, we talk together, we walk together, we gossip together. But, in an instant the friend you could tell all your darkest secrets turns out to be the one you run away from, the minute you see them. Why ? Was the friendship just an illusion? Was the happiness that was around us, just an illusion ?

Yes, betrayals and misunderstandings take their toll on friendships. But, if two people know each other so well, small misunderstandings shouldn’t derail a great relationship. Should it? And the things that one person knows would irritate the other should be openly discussed and understood instead of going behind each others back and totally breaking up a friendship? Shouldn’t it?

If friendships are so totally fragile, what would be the condition of life-long relationships like marriage? It makes me wonder, what would be the happiness in living in any relationship, a friendship or a marriage, that’s just an illusion? Knowing that the happiness is just an illusion, knowing that sadness is waiting around the corner waiting to take control of us.

Are we really Happy? or is it just an Illusion?


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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