Flight Diaries: Entry 2

I had decided to archive my most memorable flight experiences by date but I can’t wait to share my most recent experience. 😀

Every Christmas and New Year I travel to the U.A.E. to celebrate with my family. This year was no different, I as always get excited before leaving but on the day of the flight, I get goosebumps.

But this time, I was going to be accompanied by a friend (the daughter of my mom’s colleague), Nelisha. So, normally the 3 hours, that I would spend hiding inside a hoodie with music blaring into my ears, gossiping with a friend who’s online at that ungodly hour or dozing off every 10 mins, passed fast while we chatted. We breezed through the check-in, the immigration and the baggage checks. We were updating ourselves with what the other was doing in their lives.

I always get nauseated before a flight. No, not coz I’m scared of flying (I LOVE flying), I just get nervous before every new experience. Every flight really is a new experience for me. I meet new people or atleast see their yawning new faces. 😛

So, back to nauseated me, I tend to skip my dinner before a flight to help keep my nerves at rest. So, by the time I am at the airport, I am totally famished. Mostly, I just grab a bottle of water and keep sipping on it, till we board our flight. But, this time, all our chatting made me so uncontrollably hungry that I bought a huge mini pizza each for myself and Nelisha, and a bottle of water.

We went to the furthest corner of the sitting area, and enjoyed peacefully our dinner. We were chatting and munching on the pizzas. Like the Goans we are, we were susegadh. When suddenly, out of nowhere we hear a lady screaming, “Sharjah ???!!!!”. We both turn around shocked. Seeing us turn around, the lady asks us loudly, “You both going to Sharjah ??”. We both nod or mumble a yes, I can’t recollect. She informs us, “Your flight is already boarded. Please come fast !!! Hurry !!”. Without a second thought, we both grab all our bags and run behind the lady to the gate. Till we were seated in the flight, the airport officials and then the air-hostesses kept hurrying us along. 😀 😀

Hahaha, that was the first time anyone had to tell me that I’m late for boarding. 😀 😀

In the flight, we both had decided we would rest, sleep the whole 3 hours it takes to reach the U.A.E. So, we both napped, and woke up the next day in Sharjah, U.A.E. and hurried along to our respective families. 😀 ❤

That was my flight to the U.A.E. The flight back was again a whole new experience. Cya in Episode 3 ! 🙂


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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