2014 summarized…

Last year I have:

– killed a fish

– fried a motherboard

– been implicitly blamed for breaking a speaker

– had a major car accident

– watched a live football match

– straightened a friend’s hair

– painted on a canvas

– learned quilling

– started blogging

– learned zumba

– become a bridesmaid

– watched a record of 11 movies at the theatre

– got to take blessings from a Saint

– used 4 different apps to talk to just 1 friend

– painted my palm white

– joined twitter

– had 3 crushes

– enjoyed with school kids in 3 different events

– worked in 5 different technologies

– enjoyed a 90° car drift

– learned to not give a damn

– learned to listen

– tried helping friends and family

– worked on new year’s day

– made a skeleton

– helped organize 2 amazing events

– drove over 60km in a day

– learned to control my anger

– gained some of the strongest bonds in my life

– made 5 people happy on their birthdays

– watched videos on YouTube for a whole day at office

– learned that strangers can sometimes turn to be some of your good friends

– and some “good friends” turn out to be actually the strangers we were warned about

– started practising the don’t-expect-too-much-out-of-life routine

– went out for dinner with a non-family member

– suddenly increased my intake of books

– developed a fascination in bugging friends who are online

– made instant friends at the most unlikely times

– had one of the best birthday celebrations

– badly failed at beach penalty shoot outs

– enjoyed clicking sunset shots

– danced with my besties at a wedding

– enjoyed gossiping

– learned that family will always be there to save me

anything more…..??? Hmm…..

What an eventful year ! Not a moment or decision I regret. 😀

There’s a certain joy in knowing you made a difference last year.

Thanks to all those amazing people who are a part of all my wonderful 2014 memories.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2015 ! 

May you fix last year’s mistakes and make some more this year. 😉


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