Movie Review: Maze Runner (2014)

Out of all the action movies that I have watched, this movie was by far the most predictable one.

The scene when all the kids reach an “EXIT” door. I was like, “Seriously?” and the next second one of the kid asks the same thing !! My brother and I burst out laughing.

Then the scene where Chuck gives a wood figurine to Thomas. Chuck tells Thomas to give the figurine to his parents. That’s like a trademark I’m-planning-to-die-in-the-next-10mins scene. I told my brother, “He’s gonna die. I bet you”. And surely, at the end of the movie, Chuck gets shot in his chest. Again, “Seriously?”.

On the whole it was a good movie. It made me wonder what exactly was happening. But it was way above my thought  grade. What exactly were they testing ? Or is it just a sadistic game ? The kids taken away by the Grievers, were they killed or taken away for later testing ?

Questions ! Questions !

I would rate it a 2.5/5.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Maze Runner (2014)

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