A Christmas Angel

Every year on Christmas Eve, we go for midnight mass at our parish church. The carol singing starts mostly at 11:15. So we reach our church sharp at 11 or 10:45pm.

This year, our whole schedule was messed up and we reached at 11:15 and the family who was normally one of the first to enter turned out to be one of the last.

We couldn’t find any seat for the four of us. My dad was adamant to get 4 seats in the main room of the church and that too in the first few rows. Now that was impossible ! I wished my legs, All the Best and hoped they wouldn’t die on me… but I wasn’t prepared for the other surprise ending.

Normally, in Goa I tend to skip meals and when we go for masses that require standing for a long time, I tend to just faint off.

That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday night ! But the thing was, I had not skipped my dinner so I was totally not expecting it.

At first my legs started paining, they were screaming for some relief from the heel torture. Then my tummy started revolting. It was when I was struck by  countless yawns that I recognised my trademark fainting session.

I told my dad, who held me and was asking me, “You want to sit ??”. My brother was staring at me with a quizzical look. My mom didn’t realise what was happening at first but then my dad called her and told her, “look, she’s going through that thing that happens to her”. Even in my drowsiness I felt like laughing at that.

My eyes were fighting to close, My legs were ready to buckle, my mouth was yawning continuously, my ears were ringing. My hands were numb…. actually my whole body felt numb.

In my drowsy state, through my closing eyes, I looked towards the seats and there….. I saw my angel !

A lady got up, wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and quietly and swiftly came to my side and told me to sit.

So here I am, the only person sitting when everyone’s standing during the starting hymn. My ears are still ringing and then I realise I’m sweating badly.

After some minutes, my ears were better, my whole body was feeling good. So, I went to the lady and told her to sit. She forced me to sit and I don’t listen to her. I tell her, “I’m feeling much better now”. Realising that I won’t sit down unless she does, she tells me, “Come we’ll share”. I was like in my mind, “who is this lady ?!”

I really had lost hope in humanity. I don’t really expect anything from anybody unless I have something to offer them. But this lady, my Christmas angel shocked me to my core !!

Here is a lady who was treating me like her own daughter. She squished me in the little place that was available on the bench and I sat in peace.

I was preparing myself to Thank her after mass but just before the holy eucharist,  she left…. my angel had left.

All I could ask her was, “Leaving?”. And in her hurry too she replied, “Yes, I’m leaving. Merry Christmas !”.

God bless her always ! 🙂

Merry Christmas folks 🙂


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