My name is… Carol

Name Pronunciation

Person: What’s your name ?
Me: My name is Carol Pereira.
Person: Okay, Karen….
Me: My name is Carollllllll (emphasising the “L”)
Person: yes, Caron
Me: No !! Carol !! C-A-R-O-L !!
Person: oh okay Carol...
Me: yes yes Carol 😊

Yeah, I tend to get a panic-attack when someone doesn’t pronounce my name properly. 😛

Ooooooooohh Carol

Friend: ooh Carol, I’m not a fool (trying to sing Oh Carol by Smokey)
Some random place the same song plays.

Me deciding whether to place a fake smile on my face or hide.

Christmas Carol

I specially love my name during the Christmas season. My name suits the season !!! Jingle all the way !! 😀 I love humming all the Carols and dancing around my home with the songs playing in the background. BUT, there is one scenario I hate when my name is linked to the hymns.

Uncle: So Carol, come on sing some Carols for us.
Me: No uncle, I’m not in a good mood.
Uncle: Your name is Carol right? Come on sing one.

Me: Argghhhhhh !!!!

Name Confusion

Some random senior: Hi, I have kept the table tennis balls on your desk.

Me (in my mind): uhhhh…. Table tennis balls?? I don’t play table tennis !!  And why on my desk ??
Me (in reply): I think you want to contact Karol.
Another random senior: Please come to desk to have cake.

Me (in my mind): uhhhh…. Who are you again ??
Me (in reply): Happy Birthday ! And I think you want to contact Karol.

I’m the only Carol in our company, yet it seems to confuse people.

Gender Confusion

A senior friend: I thought u were a guy when I heard your name. Isn’t that a guys name ??

Arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! dO I LoOk LiKe a GuY !! ?? XD


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