Movie Review: Noah (2014)

Personally I prefer movies that are more or less similar to the actual story.

I remember reading the Noah’s story in the Bible when I was smaller. This is a small summary of it:

Noah was an old man to whom God talked. God told him to build an ark and contain in it all animals pairs of animals. Noah obeyed without any questions, even when the people around him laughed at him. An “ark” when there was no water body anywhere nearby? But, Noah had faith in God and built the ark, and all animals, small and big, travelled from far and near in pairs and filled up the ark. Then, in the ensuing days rain came pouring down and flooded the earth and all the people, other than Noah and his family, drowned and died. Then some months or years (not really sure) of rain, the rain stops and then Noah sends a raven to find out if it returns with something but it doesn’t. So he sends a dove which returns back with an olive branch. God then promises Noah that he would never again punish mankind and to show his promise a rainbow appeared in the sky. 🙂

But in the movie a whole lot of new characters were added. Maybe to add a little drama but it all seemed fake and I didn’t feel like I was watching a movie adaptation of a story that I grew up learning in my Sunday catechism classes.

Additions to the actual story:

1 – “Fallen Angels” called Watchers were added which had me in a “Whaaaa….?” expression. What was the necessity to add that? That is like a total change to the actual story !! It makes such an important story from the Bible look like a fantasy book.

2 – The hunt for wives for Noah’s 2 sons. Where do people get these ideas in their heads ?

3 – Noah’s twin grand-daughters: Noah’s wife happily proclaims that God has provided us what we need. I’m guessing she means for her two bachelor sons. Again… “Whaaaa….. ?”

4 – Noah practically goes mad when he finds out that his son, Shem and daughter-in-law are expecting.

Why do they even bother making movie adaptations of Bible stories if they can’t get their stories straight ? Watchers ? Seriously ?


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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