life in PSL…

Did I mention that I am an IT engineer ? Well, I have a degree from one of Goa’s engineering colleges which sometimes seems worthless. I was fortunate (or so it seemed at the time) to secure a job with PSL, Goa. Getting placed in the 7th semester of my engineering course had most of my friends awe-struck. Some friends tried to warn me that a job in an IT firm would involve a lot of learning and coding for a lot of hours. But, that didn’t seem to faze my excitement at winning the dream job.

Then there was the “great test” at the company, where the newcomers (that’s us) were made to answer a technical test and would be given different projects depending on the results. The ever anxious me, who normally never likes to fail in anything that involves coding, spent the little spare hours to learn the language we were going to be tested on and passed in the first attempt (though with passing marks). YiIppPiieeEee !! But all my excitement always seems shortlived.

Then came one long year of shuttling between projects and different technologies. I joined the company as a developer but I have worked as a tester too. Manual and Automation mind you. There are some frustrating days, when resigning and joining some social cause for free seems to be a better idea than talking with the HR.

Forget the bad things now… Though I had bad days in this company, I had more than the equal number of awesome and  fun days filled with mad laughter ❤ I sometimes feel that compared to four years of college, I enjoyed my 1 year in PSL.

Every month, there is an awesome event, it could be a game or a fun event. We got to befriend some very cool people and be a part of an organizing committee (sometimes I wonder if I ever left college 😀  😉 ) My friends and I have volunteered in and took part in soooo many events that our names are synonymous with volunteers-required-for-help. I guess we have lived up to the expectations coz we get called for every event.

I met some of my greatest friends here and I have a feeling they are gonna be there for a lifetime with me. Love them all ! ❤

My resume surely seems to have gone down the drain but life in PSL simply rocks ! Sometimes !


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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