Roses… <3 Flowers… <3 Card… <3


Quilled Roses Bouquet 🙂 ❤


The Bouquet tied up in a more presentable manner… 🙂

After seeing Shweta’s birthday card with the quilled roses(Quilled Roses) on her desk, her colleague asked me to make 10 quilled roses with stems for her wedding. That’s the end-product… ❤ ❤ ❤ They turned out great !! 😀


Quilled Card for a friend’s birthday


Fringed Flowers used in the card

A friend’s birthday is a big occasion in our group. 😀 We start planning for a birthday one month in advance but end up actually implementing most of the plans 1 week before the birthday XD

The above card is a product of 4 days of removing time from work and filling up the card with many things… 🙂 Shweta and I made a Z-fold card. That’s just the front. There were 5 sides to fill excluding the front.

Love Birthdayz !! ❤ ❤ Cake ❤ Fun ❤ Gifts ❤ Balloons ❤ Tomorrow is another friend’s birthday… 😉


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