Review: Fishka Bar & Restaurant, Majorda, Goa

Yesterday, my relative, Zenelda and I decided to go out for a spin.

Our plan was go to the beach; walk for half an hour maybe (lazy people that we are XD ); then go for a milkshake somewhere and have a chicken shawarma (to make up for the lost calories 🙄 ). But, one thing led to another and we cancelled the beach idea, the milkshake idea and the shawarma idea and decided that we would go for dinner somewhere. So, at sharp 6p.m. we reached Fishka.

After our whole meal, we were soo stuffed, that we could be mistaken to be high on drinks 😀 I guess you really can get drunk on food. 😉 We were giggling like mad. And some of Zenelda’s comments surprised me a lot 😛 😛



The Ambience was good. I didn’t like it as much as Pepper’s but it was okay for an evening out for fun. It’s right opposite Alila Diwa Resort, so there were many foreign tourists around.

Candles were kept on every table and I guess it would have been a nice romantic ❤ dinner if Zenelda had come with her hubby and she said so herself. XD


The waiters were courteous and came promptly whenever called (maybe coz there were not many customers). They advised as to what could be ordered (We tend to mix match all types of cuisines 😛 ). They served our food and were friendly 🙂 . The last time I had visited Fishka, my friends and I couldn’t understand a word the waiters were saying but this time they were understandable. 🙂 >:D


For me, if the music at a place is good, the place is the best. And yes, Fishka had good music. 😀 I guess we had entered early so we didn’t get to fully enjoy the live music. But I loved the jams that they were playing before the live music started.

The live music at Fishka was a lady playing a brass instrument and it was okay, soothing.


We got pretty much excited looking at all the cocktails and hard drinks 😛 But, we didn’t have the guts to try any… XD There were veg, fish, chicken, pork and beef dishes. But there were very less pork and beef dishes to choose from. The one time I go with someone who eats those dishes !!

The Food

We ordered the following:

Drinks: Cinderella and Sunset Cooler

Starters: Spicy Chicken Wings and Fishka Special Creamy Prawns

Main Course: Cheese Naan with Chicken in Schezwan Sauce

The drinks were good and we were still sipping on them even after we finished our main course.

The Chicken Wings were yummmm !!! Everybody should visit Fishka just for their chicken wings !!! They are soooo yum !! The Creamy Prawns were not that special.

The Cheese naan and the chicken were good too.

Would I Go Again?

Yes !! Yesterday was my second time at Fishka and it will surely not be the last. Chicken Wings !! 😛 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I loved their food last time and I brought along a friend this time. Zenelda loved it soo much that she will be coming back with her hubby for their Anniversary.

On their coasters, they wrote “If you enjoyed our food, Tell a friend. If not, Inform us”. That’s what I did !!


2 thoughts on “Review: Fishka Bar & Restaurant, Majorda, Goa

    1. Thanks Elena!! Since I wrote that review, I have visited your restaurant countless more times😊 and have always felt welcomed and perfectly satisfied. Thanks again for the great food and service!😊


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