Come back home…

I live in a place where, if you don’t have good qualifications, you have no other choice but leave your loved ones and find a job away from them. Some find jobs on ships as cooks, chefs; some find jobs in the Gulf at many different posts.

But my main point is, they are away from their loved ones, alone in a strange place. There could be friends along with you, but there is a big difference in how a friend and how family can support you in your bad times.

I am writing this post coz I came to know this evening that my close relative, my childhood playmate, is not well in a Gulf country. He’s all alone there. Yes, he has friends there but as I said earlier, there is only soo much a friend can do for you.

His mom and dad are yearning to see him. How it must have shocked his mom when she heard that her younger son was admitted to the hospital. And the worst part is that she can’t do anything but wait for his return to take care of him.

Why is it soo important to earn heap loads of money ? Why should the earning be done at such a risk ? Away from family ? Away from everyone?

Yes, we are in the 21st century, there is communication around. But, just hearing family’s voice through phone and seeing their face on Skype doesnt make up for actually being around them.

Yeah, my dad is one of those sons who travelled alone to Iraq to earn some good money, to earn himself a good name. He managed his life in a good way. My Daddy is a strong man. But there are some who can’t handle the pressure alone. What about them? Who asks them if they can bear the pressure ?

Would they leave their job and come back home when they know that it’s their job that’s keeping their household happy and stable?

There are some who would risk their lives but not their family’s happiness. They value their family.

What’s the solution to this problem?


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