something remembered from the past; a recollection

There are many memories that stay with us forever… There are some that bring a smile on our face( and we end up smiling like mad during serious meetings or with a big goofy smile while riding bike 😀 😛 )… There are memories that make you sad, so sad that sometimes your whole mood changes from lively to blah… Then there are those memories that make you laugh out loud, which makes the people next to you give you weird looks 😉 😛 😀 which makes you laugh even more 😀 😀 . Love those memories… ❤

I thought why not share some of my favorite memories in these posts. So, one day some decades later, I can remind myself and laugh out loud. And there’s no other joy than sharing your best memories… So here goes… 🙂

I’ll start this Memory Series with one my most recent favorite memory: 😀 ❤

Memory Series 1 Episode #1

Well, It was a usual day in office; sitting at my desk; waiting for time to fly by; no important work to be done; reading a book which was taking forever to finish. Then a friend, AK messaged me to ask if I would accompany them to the Nuvem fair.

The day before was Mae dos Pobres Church feast. The church is in Nuvem, which is like 15 mins from work and on the way home. To increase the feast festivities, a fair was set up on the church grounds. It has many rides too, like the Giant wheel and some others.

Well, it was kinda slightly hard to decide coz of my state of mind that day. But, he then managed to make me go by using the line, “You never come with us.”. That is one line, I never want to hear from anyone, especially  a good friend like him. So, here I am, in my car, waiting patiently in the traffic jam, not really interested in going; just wanting to make a friend happy. Then I somehow park my car and manage to find the gang of friends which contained Shweta, AK, SK and others.

We roam around the fair for sometime, aimlessly, looking at all the items kept for sale, looking for anything that looked worth buying. Then we started walking towards the main attraction of the fair. 😀

Presenting……. the Giant Wheel !!!!


Lol, I don’t exactly remember if I have been on one before in my childhood. But, I always thought they were pretty harmless. I mean, what’s so scary about just sitting in a carriage while the wheel rotates? It’s not like our carriage will rotate. And the speed looked pretty okay. No harm in trying…

So, here I am, acting all brave and prepared to try out this new feat (not sure if new, but it seemed new to me at that moment). I felt soo brave that I forced Shweta and SK to join too, even thought they were petrified !! I was like, “Look at it, its soo slow; we just have to sit there; What’s so great about that? what’s soo scary about that? Chill !!“.  😀 #braveMe #braveHeart #joke 😛

So, we stand in line to enter the carriages and I’m comforting SK that it’ll be all good. That we (me, shweta and SK) would sit together in one carriage and it’ll all be good. 😀 Some of the guys, AK and others enter before us. I enter our carriage when its our turn, and I should have guessed that something was fishy about the carriages while entering them. the minute I put a foot inside, the carriage shifted to an angle and it felt like I was holding onto some rope and just swaying from left to right with it 😀

But, being brave me, I didn’t give much thought to it. Shweta entered after me and we were telling SK to enter but then the guy there said only two people in a carriage. (Thank God ! God knows how we would have managed; the three of us).

So, Shweta and me in the carriage start moving on top and its all going good as I had predicted. Nothing great! Everything is just dandy! 😀

The panic starts when the wheel starts picking up speed and the carriages are like just flung at an angle when it becomes time for the descent down. And I’m thinking, “Eeeeeeeeeee, Carol hold onto the sides for your life !! Your gonna die today !!”. And Shweta is screaming her lungs out like, “Uuuuhhh Aahhhh, Carol make it stoppppp !!”.

In the middle of all this, my mind suddenly went into prayer mode, and I start my Our Father. So, I’m like, “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name……”, and Shweta is still screaming her lungs out like, “Carol make it stoppppp !! My heart’s gonna stop !!”.

God knows how but I went into a mode where I didn’t or couldn’t feel anything. I was just sitting there with my eyes closed, holding onto the side of the carriage for dear my life and at the same time reassuring Shweta that it’ll finish soon. Lol, That must the biggest lie I was telling myself and Shweta. 😛

SK was sitting in the next carriage with OK. During the first few rotations, all I could think about was about me and reassuring Shweta. Then I remembered SK and I tried to catch a glance into their carriage, and when I do catch a glance, I see SK sleeping on her lap. And I panic thinking, “What the hell is she holding? How is she balancing?” (After the ride, we learn that she was holding OK’s hand. God Bless OK).

Then slowly after some more heart-wrecking rotations, we slow down and for some few minutes we are just hanging on top, too afraid to look down. Too afraid to do anything.

Then it’s our turn to get down and I’m thinking, “Get out Carol! Just GET OUT of this thing !!”. I literally jump out before the carriage comes to a stand-still. 😀

The other guys were waiting there and saying that it was actually slow, and me and Shweta are like, “What the HELL are you saying? Are you MAD ?!!!”.

That is one memory that will never leave my mind; NEVER!! And its all thanks to AK. Thank you Outya 🙂
Thanks Shweta for being there with me… 🙂 Reassuring her, made me forget about myself, about the fact that I was scared.

And it kind of made me realize a fact about me, that I turn to God when I’m scared and feeling helpless. And it makes me feel good. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. he he 😀 awesome post,,, one of the best moments spent in goa with you all.. hope will go to such fairs again and again and try some new rides.. 😛 the ride which was very next to gaint wheel is our next adventure…

    Liked by 1 person

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