Loves & Hates

We like people who treat us right.

We hate people who don’t.

We love people who take the time to like us back.

We hate people who don’t give back the love that we give them.

A recent chat with a friend made me wonder about my stupid thinking. Why do we love the people that we love? Why do we hate the people that we hate? What differentiates the people that we love vs. the people that we hate? What is hate?

For example, I “hate” a girl who has not exactly done anything against me. When asked by my friend for the reason for my blind hate towards her, I was actually blank. Yes, the partial reason is that she hurt my two very close friends. But, is that reason enough for my hate. Nowadays every time I see her, I mentally kick myself and then ask myself, “WHY??!!!”. My friend explained that the girl I hate must be getting hurt too for many reasons, that it didn’t make sense that I hate her for some stupid thing she had done to me or some friend some time back.


The same night, I saw the above quote on Facebook. I was totally shocked. It was like a message to me, to not hate people for what they did, to learn to forgive them. Does forgiving people easily make us look very malleable? Won’t it make people think that we are people not to be taken seriously? That we will forgive them for whatever they do or say to us?

Do we have an in-built filtering system to filter people on who we like and who we don’t? Lol, I guess we do 😛

See nobody believes in friendship, people talk about it, that its a lot rarer than love, coz there is nothing in it for anybody

I heard the above quote in the trailer for Are You Here(2014) and realized that it is very much true. I feel it takes a lot of searching and waiting to find real friends, to really understand them, and for them to understand you. We have to distinguish which friend is there for a lifetime and which one is there just for the sake of it, to pass their time with you(when they are bored). We have to distinguish which are the friends who are friends with you for your resources or for you. Actual lasting friendship does take a lot of time…. It is a lot rarer than love. I guess I need to understand the quote better. 🙂

Just now a question popped into my mind… What is the difference between love and friendship? You love your friends, right? Doesn’t that count as love? Yeah, that true that my love will be there for me and only me, but… Yeah, I’m missing out on a big part of life 😛 😦


6 thoughts on “Loves & Hates

      1. As d movie quotes…..There is nothing in it for anybody. So if u r smbdies true friend it’s unconditional….U expect nothing in return……Unlike love…..There’s a lot in it …..N expectations run high.


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