Alone in an overcrowded world

We have our friends, who we occasionally smile at and say a ‘Hi’ when we pass each other in the corridor… den we have our Good Friends, who know about us as much as FB does… Close Friends, are friends who know us, who we love to spend time with… and then comes the Best Friends, the friends that know how we tick, and how we tock 😛 know all our secrets, know the hidden meaning behind our simple innocent statement (which no one could have guessed to be fishy)… Lots of Friends…

We have our family too, who fortunately love the royal misfits that we are for who we are, even after imploring numerous times to get rid of our nuisances.

Though we have all these people in our life giving us love and attention from time to time I’m still puzzled as to why o why… do we still feel alone in this world ?

Yeah, this post has nothing to do with the name of this blog 😛 But its a topic I feel is worthy to talk about. Why do we sometimes feel alone suddenly as if we have no connection with anyone, or is it just me? One moment you are the top of the world, enjoying life as if there could not be a happier day, and the next moment you are like blah… 😦

People would try telling me to get rid of the loneliness by trying to connect to God. But, when I am already connected to God, when I already talk to him, whenever I am sad, whenever I am disappointed, what other way do I try connecting?

Is it just a human trait to feel lonely? I read a post today: 10 Things to remember when you feel lost and alone. In it they mention “You are not alone in being alone”. Should that comfort me?


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