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Series: Vikings & Outlander

Last month, I started watching two popular series – Vikings & Outlander.

VIKINGS (Seasons 1 – 4)
IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

(L-R) Rollo Lothbrok, Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha Lothbrok

The series is based on the life of a Viking – King Ragnar Lothbrok; his rise to fame, his many conquests/failures and sons. During his lifetime he is married twice, defeats armies in at least 2-3 battles in foreign lands, rises from a mere farmer to a King and has 5 sons, who grow up to be even more famous.Β 

Season 5 releasing November 2017.Β 

OUTLANDER (Seasons 1 – 2)
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10

(L-R) The hand is Frank Randall. Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. James (Jamie) Fraser

The series is based on a novel series by Diana Gabaldon. It’s about an army nurse – Claire Beauchamp Randall, from the 1940s, who is magically transported to the 1700s – at the start of a Scottish uprising.

Season 3 currently being released.

Anyone missing Game of Thrones should definitely watch these two series.
Though I can’t promise the series contains the same amount of betrayal and treachery, they make up in story and action. and romance. and friendship.

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Ramblings: (29/09/2017)

I spend half an evening carefully typing out a post on my computer. Trying to make it witty and funny, adding in some pictures, smileys and such. 😊

I save the post. 😊

The WP app on my mobile just decides to overwrite the whole post with nothing but what I started the evening with! 😱😨

Maybe a validation needs to be added so that the only the latest version of a post gets written over all earlier versions. 😐

Tragedies of technology. 😠

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Today morning right after breakfast:

Mom: Dress up Carol.

I : Why? Where are we going ?

Mom: Going to Lulu (a nearby Hypermarket)

I: For what?

Mom: Have to buy something.

Being the ever compliant daughter that I am, I go ahead, dress up and wait; till dad comes to pick us.

Dad(with a smirk): Why are you dressed ?

I: Mummy told me to dress up. What happened ?

Dad (mutters something about me getting married)

I (realising why Mummy was being so cryptic): Mummmmyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Indian parents have this urge to send their daughters into her husband’s arms laden in gold. 

Being someone who can’t bear too much of gold; or any gold, my own parents have to force me to try the jewellery. I can’t refuse the gold too, as I would only be giving cause for my parents to be talked about.

The scene at the jewellers:

Mom: Which design you liked?

I: Buy anything you like Mummy. I’m going to be wearing it once in a while anyway.

Mom: Carol, don’t say like that. Choose which design you like.

And the conversation went back and forth till both Mummy and Daddy agreed on 2 different patterns.

What worries me more is the fact that I am and always was single. Why would my parents even bother buying gold at such an early point is beyond me. 

It’s almost like wishful thinking.

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Ramblings: 20/09/2017

I will be leaving to visit Mom and Dad the day after tomorrow, i.e. Friday and I can’t help being very, very excited! 

Yes, I am excited to meet Mom and Dad but more than that I just want to leave this place, these daily routines and surroundings for sometime. Just get away from here before I burst out in frustration. Frustration with work, life in general and people. To put it in simple terms, some people don’t really make sense. 😐

This kind of break gives me a chance to calm down, get a hold of my emotions and come back cool, with a fresh perspective.

The fact that no one from work will be able to contact me and “kindly” force me to work from home; that too is a pro.

Mummy Daddy here I come ! πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ

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Book Review: The Girl on a Train – Paula Hawkins

The Girl On The Train (Paula Hawkins)


Rachel is an alcoholic who travels daily to and from work on trains. During her daily travels, she takes interest in the lives of the people who stay in the houses near the train tracks. 

One day she witnesses something that shakes her to her core and which could be a clue to a missing person’s investigation.


Warning – There could be spoilers ahead.

The author starts the book in the mind of the protagonist, Rachel and you can actually sympathise with her situation. The frustration of going to work in the morning and tiredness of going home after a day’s work. She finds solace in imagining the lives of the people living in their perfect homes. Perfect people in perfect semi-Victorian homes. This includes the occasional gin and tonic. 

Then slowly as we move ahead, the author reveals the events that occur on a particular Saturday, the night after Rachel gets badly drunk. So drunk that she has a blackout, no memory at all about the whole night. The night that a person goes missing. A person who she thought had the most perfect life.

We are given a look into the minds of three women – Rachel, Meghan and Anna. A mother who accidently killed her daughter, a barren woman and a new mother. A divorcee, a wife who hated being a housewife and a doting wife. Three different characters whose paths in life are drawn together by one common factor.

I read the book in almost a day; 304 pages in a day; which has got to be a new record for me. The book is a page-turner. 

The genre – Psychological Thriller – is not a new one for me; but I realise now that I needed such a book to awake the napping bookworm in me.

Rating: 4/5 – Though I loved the twists and the suspense, there were times I felt I couldn’t keep up.

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Ramblings: (15/08/2017)

Yesterday, we were looking at some old albums and I found a photo.

I thought it was an old photo of my mom and I but there were two different opinions about who the baby was.

My neighbor who was himself was a kid of maybe 8-9 years around the time when I was born was not ready to believe that the baby in the photo was me. He repeated the phrase “That’s not you” so many times and so fervently that even when my own mother said the baby WAS me, I couldn’t accept it.

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian brothers and sisters! 😊

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we matter

Recently there have been a lot of celebrity suicides. As I am an Indian who follows a bit of both worlds, hearing the news of two suicides on the same day was kinda upsetting. One was Chester Bennington, the other was a Bollywood actress in an upcoming film.

Think about how we all strive for something, and when we don’t achieve that, we just give up; when all that is required is to bear it, let it pass because this is life. Life goes on. Something worse could be lingering in our path later which would make our current predicament look like a joke.

Actually the thought that struck me first was why would “celebrities” commit suicide? That it was fundamentally wrong. They have the perfect life! Money! Fans! And Chester had 6 kids! 6 Kids! 

What other motive do you need to live?

I don’t really know what was happening in his personal life that he took such a drastic step but was it worth it? 

There are some moments, which scarily enough occur regularly, when I think if I just have an accident right now, I wouldn’t have to solve that issue tomorrow. But, I can’t really do that right? There’s my Mummy and Daddy who would just break down; my brother who is much more emotional than me; my Aunt who along the years got attached to me; my cousin and aunts and uncles; my friends. Can’t really be selfish about our life when we are linked to so many others. We matter and like the countless LP fans are saying – It does matter.

My main point was supposed to be – we as humans will never be happy with where we are, what we are and what we do. We always have something hurting us from our past/present/future.

We just have to BELIEVE in our selves and push through whatever we are going through. Whatever matter you are stuck in right now, it will be fixed. Not the end of the world.

I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings with this post but these are my honest thoughts.

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Ramblings: (22/07/2017)

I see someone walking towards me. Someone who makes me give a second thought whether to greet. So I smile and mouth out a ‘hi’. But, the person just gives back an awkward smile which obviously makes me regret wasting my energy.

In my brave effort to hold onto a little of my ego, I go ahead and try entering my office room but end up down right slamming into the door because obviously automatic doors like to irritate the hell outta me.

That too in front of the person I shouldn’t have bothered greeting.


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Makeup anyone?


Why don’t you wear makeup?
This comes from my dear little brother, who isn’t as little anymore.

You may find a little kajal on my eyelids and lipstick on my lips when I’m attending some event; or the full blown makeup on my face when a beautician is given full rein to do what she pleases on my face (that’s when even my own brother can’t recognize me. Lol).

But, makeup daily ? Na-uh!

There are some people who use all those different makeup items like – mascara, foundation, eyeliner and yadayada.
Then there are those people like me who just enter work with a natural look (sans powder, sans cream, sans anything).
Like look at the face that God has given me.
Have a problem?
Kindly approach God with your valued suggestions.
Don’t bother me with them. πŸ˜‰

While I say that, I’m sure some job positions require you to be looking your best.
Not the shabby, just-got-out-of-bed look that I usually sport.
Being a developer has its perks πŸ˜‰

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Ramblings: 10/07/2017

Last week was a pain. A royal pain. Such a pain that I was regretting the fact that today came so fast. Today being a Monday. The start of our “work” week in India. Even though some people worked through the weekend too. cough 

This week is beginning to look like it’s going to rival last week. But, the thing that always makes things better is when someone actually is forthcoming with their appreciation for your work.

After working with people for so long who just gave work without any expectation; my current teammates are a breath of fresh air? Just people who make me give my best. 

Best end to a Monday workday is someone saying:

Take good rest! You are doing a good job! 😊