Book Review: The Time Traveller’s Wife

Synopsis: Henry is a time traveller, and has always been since he was six. He meets his wife for the first time when she is six; and they get married when she was 21 and he - 29. Review: There is not even one error in the above synopsis. None what-so-ever. 😁 All this time … Continue reading Book Review: The Time Traveller’s Wife


Ramblings: (19/9/19)

Two years back, I had gifted a book as part of a reading challenge, to a colleague. It had been my wish to read the book at the time; since I had gifted him a book written by one of my favorite authors - Paula Hawkins. A month back I asked him for the book … Continue reading Ramblings: (19/9/19)

Stareway to oblivion

There's a scene in How I Met Your Mother S1, during Claudia's wedding, where Ted randomly notices a bored girl (Victoria); she looks up, sees him looking at her, and promptly smiles this huge, beautiful smile.Does that happen in real life? They were basically strangers! 🤷‍♀️ Victoria flashing her too-bright-need-sunglasses smile. 🤪 Coz in my … Continue reading Stareway to oblivion

Music List (05/09/2019)

Can you believe there are just 3 more months remaining for this year to end? When did the time flow away from me??? I am currently in the phase of listening to Make it Hot by Major Lazer and Anita on repeat. Listen to it! I recommend listening to it 3 times minimum. It will … Continue reading Music List (05/09/2019)

Ramblings: 01/09/19

That moment I interact with someone and everything feels perfectly right; but then we are made to stop. Later it hits me, what if every person that interacts with my "kind-of-complements-my-personality" person feels the same way? What if the "kind-of-complements-my-personality" person loves others, and I'm just some random person in the mix? Aren't I only … Continue reading Ramblings: 01/09/19

Sharp Objects (Series Review)

I have been a fan of Gillian Flynn's books for longest time, and have bought (and read) most of her books. Gone Girl, Dark Places, The Grownup ❤ I cannot believe that I somehow haven't bought Sharp Objects, but it's next on my list. I recently watched the Sharp Objects mini-series by HBO, which was … Continue reading Sharp Objects (Series Review)

Movie Review: Captain Fantastic (2016)

Starring:Viggo Mortensen, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Zahn Directed by:Matt Ross Released in:2016 Synopsis:A father lives with his six children in a forest, trying to curb the effects of modern society on them. What happens when their mother, who lives in a psychiatric center, kills herself? Review:I just realized that this movie was released in 2016! 2016! … Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Fantastic (2016)

Ramblings (10/08/2019)

Hey there! It's been more than a month I have not posted anything. Let's just say there's too much drama in this world and I don't like adding more fuel to it. I'd rather ignore the fire altogether. Routine is and always has been the bane of my existence. Wake up in the morning silently … Continue reading Ramblings (10/08/2019)

Ramblings: 24/06/2019

Friday, 21st June 2019 Today was my uncle's 4th death anniversary. So, we made our visit to the cemetery to pay our respects. Mama, as I called my uncle, is someone I miss till this day. He filled the shoes of my late grandfathers who I never got to meet. I just hope, I am … Continue reading Ramblings: 24/06/2019

Livie Appy

I don't think I have added any post of my two pets. My two pups are were Livie and Appy. They were the two constants in my life for 5 plus years. I say 'they', but it's just one of them who is around now. Let me tell you about my Livie. Look at those … Continue reading Livie Appy